This is a picture of a PDP Concept Maple Classic Drum Kit (Shells Only)

PDP Concept Maple Classic 22", 13", 16" Natural (Shells Only) Drum Kit



Get the PDP Concept Maple Classic 22, 13, 16  Natural (Shells Only) Drum Kit from Porto based Drum Store BW Drum Shop.

What an amazing looking lil fella !!  The PDP Concept Maple Classic Drum Kit 1 up 1 down is available in three formats.






    Other Kit Formats

    24" Format

    26" Format


      Has a Retro look.

      Beautiful warm vintage-style sound.

      Classic Wood Hoop kit is sure to turn heads. 

      All-Maple shells

      Two distinct,matte-finished themes.

      Recessed stamped claw hooks retain the plied maple hoops.

      No Snare Drum

        Other Drums available to order.

        •  8x12", 9x13", 16x16", and 16x18" toms and 16x22", 14x24", and 14x26" bass drums.