This is a picture of a LP Signature Timbales Karl Perrazo Antique Bronze

LP LP257-KP Signature Karl Perrazo Antique Bronze Timbales



Every musician has an idol, a performer or group that embodies what they wish to become. From his childhood in San Francisco, Karl Perazzo wanted to play with Santana. His life-long dream was realized in 1991 when he joined Santana to play timbales.

he Latin Percussion LP257-KP timbales are made of steel boasting an Antique bronze finish.

14 and 15-inch timbale, both with a 6.5-inch deep shell. The shells feature synthetic drumheads that are kept in tune and in place by Gold Tone Hardware rims.

Yhese beautify drums have a well-balanced, sharp sound with a tonal quality every bit like the high-quality instruments they are.

The cascara patterns on the side of the shell stand out nicely.

Set comes with a heavy-duty adjustable stand, as well as a cowbell holder, tuning key and timbale sticks.

Whether you're a beginner or a more advanced player, young or old, this complete set by the renowned Latin Percussion company is a great addition to any timbalero's arsenal.

Price is for two drums and stand.