This is a picture of a LP Giovanni 11 3/4'' Compact Conga

LP LP826 Giovanni 11 3/4'' Compact Conga



One of our most successful innovations, the patented LP Giovanni Compact Congas produce an amazing conga sound suitable for practice, playing live or in studio. Designed with Giovanni Hidalgo it won the 2003 Musikmesse International Press Award for most innovative instrument, DRUM! Drummies and the Modern Drummer Reader's Choice Awards. 

Giovanni Hidalgo has played a major role in shaping the way the world thinks about hand drumming, and has played LP exclusively for his entire career
Giovanni replicates sounds with his hands that drummers normally make with sticks. Ambidextrous, with faultless technical skills and superb musicality, he has created a style all his own.

Giovanni's LP product line includes the Palladium Congas, Compact Congas and Galaxy? Congas. Bongos & Djembe, LP Giovanni Prestige as well as bags.