This is a picture of a LP Classic Accent 11'' Quinto  Richie Garcia Signature 2014

LP Classic Accent LP522T-RGM 11'' Quinto Richie Garcia Signature Conga



There is only one Richie Gajate-Garcia and LP's new signature series congas and bongos are as unique and inspiring as their namesake. Made from Romanian Tilia wood, the Richie Gajate-Garcia Series Congas and Bongos produce a distinctive low, rich, full-bodied tone with incredible resonance.

Richie, a huge fan of LP's exclusive Top Tuning Classic Congas, insisted that his signature congas have the identical patented feature, ensuring easy and precise, on-the-fly tuning. For an aesthetic touch, LP carved deep, distinguishing bands into the shell, giving the drums a look as bold as Richie's playing style.