This is a picture of a LP Aspire Wood Conga Set 11'' & 12'' Natural with Double Stand

LP Aspire LPA647-AW Wood 11'' & 12'' Natural Conga Set with Double Stand



LP's combined our Aspire Wood Congas as sets with stands for easy ordering convenience at excellent price. The set includes a chrome plated, height adjustable LP Aspire Double Conga Stand.


  • Height: 28"
  • Sizes:¬†11" & 12"
  • Body: Siam Oak
  • Shell construction: 2-ply
  • Natural head
  • Hoops: Aspire EZ Curve
  • Tuning lugs: 9/32", Chrome (LPA219)
  • Tuning system: Tuning lugs, classic
  • Side plates: LP Heart (LPA425D)
  • Conga handle: No
  • Mount bracket: LP Aspire Slide Mount Brackets (LPA701B)
  • Hardware Finish: Black, powder-coated
  • Finish: Natural (glossy)
  • Incl. tuning key (M227)
  • Including LPA653 Slide Mount double stand