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Dream Re-FX Bell Effect Cymbal REFX-BELL



Dream Re-FX Bell Effect Cymbal REFX-BELL good for your pocket and the environment.

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Made from the eco-friendly recycling program at Dream cymbals, the 10” Re-FX Bell is a specialty effects cymbal made from the bell of a used cymbal from Dream or another manufacturer. It creates crystal-clear, perfect bell accents by removing the bow from cymbals that are damaged or broken. Because each of these bells is selected from Dream’s buyback program, each will be slightly different. The low cost of using recycled cymbals also means these bells are highly affordable. It’s easy to collect multiple. Get a few of them, and they will all bring different sound options to any kit. Dream believes that making great cymbals and protecting the environment can go hand-in-hand, and there is no better proof than the Re-FX series